United Swedish Societies Inc, presents "Sweden Day", An annual Midsummer event held at the "Manhem Club", The Scandinavian Secret on the Sound, located at 658 Clarence Avenue Bronx NY 10465

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Sweden Day Is an Annual “Midsummer” Event, held in New York & sponsored by The United Swedish Societies, Inc. This annual event is currently held at The Manhem Club, located at 658 Clarence Avenue Bronx NY 10465. Sweden Day Phone: 516-565-2091

Sweden Day is held on Saturday June 16th, 2018.

Park Opens at 11am – Main Program Starts at 2pm

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Sweden Day is a fun filled family event with a beautiful waterfront view! Enjoy the day listening to Scandinavian Music by SmörgåsBandet while Dancing around the Majstång (Maypole). Children can enjoy outdoor games and an Arts & Crafts Table (Face Painting & Hair Braiding). Everyone can partake in the “Allsång” (Swedish Sing-A-Longs),  Create & Wear Midsummer Head Wreaths and enjoy the children’s Folk Dancing Exhibition with Barnklubben Elsa Rix #1, all while showing off your own dance moves to the music. Each year there are Scholarship Winners, presented by the Sweden Day Committee. 

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Cheer for the Miss Sweden Day Contestants and witness the crowning of the new Miss Sweden Day of 2018! Take a swim in the refreshing in ground pool or the lounge on the beach and make a sand castle. Enjoy an ice cold beverage or have a Skål with a cocktail at the full service outdoor bar or at the indoor bar where it is air conditioned.

Sweden Day is the perfect opportunity to have a day of family fun and reminisce with old friends, or make memories with new ones!

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Every year the Sweden Day Committee  elects to nominate and honor an individual(s) or organization for their continued promotion and dedication to their Swedish Heritage, within the Scandinavian  Community. This year, The Sweden Day Committee takes great pleasure in honoring Robert and Beatrice Rasmussen, Sweden Day’s “Couple of the Year 2018”!

Advertise in the 2018 Sweden Day Journal. Advertise your business or organization, or simply send a personal message or Congratulations to this years honorees, Robeert and Beatrice Rasmussen.

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 Visit Sweden Day’s vendors for traditional Swedish goods or some Swedish Coffee Bread & Limpa. Purchase some raffle tickets and you just might go home with a wonderful prize or you could be the lucky winner of the 50/50 cash prize!

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Sweden Day has been going strong for 77 years, celebrating Midsummer in New York, just as your ancestors did before you.

Thanks to the Sweden Day Committee  members for their efforts and constant support. It is because of their dedication voluntary work throughout the years that Sweden Day continues year after year. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday June 16th 2018!

A Message From Our President, Nina Prasso



Dear Friends,                                                                                                        

Hjärtlight välkomna att fira Sweden Day, an annual event celebrated in the New York metropolitan area for over half a century, with us on Saturday June 16th, 2018 at Manhem Club in The Bronx, NY. The “Scandinavian Secret on the Sound,” New York’s only Scandinavian beach club, will be the site for the 78th Annual Sweden Day, a daylong celebration of Swedish Midsummer. The gates open at 11 am and the main program begins at 2pm.

We are proud to announce the 2018 “Couple of the Year”, Robert and Beatrice Rasmussen.

A Sweden Day Souvenir Journal will be published and distributed in their honor. Here is your opportunity to extend greetings to Robert and Beatrice.

This Journal will document the day’s activities, show photos of past events and provide a glimpse of the achievements that make the event and our honoree special. Advertise your business, organization, or simply provide a personal message of greeting or congratulations. The Journal offers you a medium in which to reach out to the Scandinavian Community in our metropolitan New York area, creating a network of contacts and opportunities. We look forward to seeing our previous as well as new advertisers participating this year. An advertising contract is enclosed for your convenience and can be found right here on our new website. Click Here: Journal Contract 2017

One of the special annual events that take place during our Sweden Day celebration is when young Swedish decedents are awarded college scholarships funds. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, visit the “Scholarship” page link above, or click here to download: Scholarship Application 2017. Please help us continue this honorable and much needed tradition by making a separate donation to the T. Edward & Alvalene P. Karlsson Scholarship Fund. Part of this fund is also used in the form of prizes that we may raffle off to raise money to help us offset the costs to run this annual Swedish celebration. If you wish to make a donation or send a gift for our raffle, please contact me.

For further information about Sweden Day, additional Journal Contracts, Miss Sweden Day Contest applications, Scholarship applications or questions in general, call me at (646) 244-2186, or send the executive committee a message from our new website or email me directly SwedenDayNina@OptOnline.com  


Nina Hallesson Prasso

President – Sweden Day Committee